Report Client/Constituent Loan Issues

If you are an attorney, caseworker, counselor or other professional helping consumers or constituents with their mortgages, please fill out the form below  to report your client or constituent’s mortgage servicing issue.

By sharing your client or constituent’s information, you will help the Monitor better understand how servicers are treating their customers across the country. If a number of consumers are experiencing similar problems with a particular servicer, this may represent a pattern or practice in violation of the agreement. With this information, the Monitor can better enforce the mortgage servicing standards outlined in the agreement. The information you provide can make the Settlement more meaningful for all homeowners because the agreement gives the Monitor additional enforcement tools when he identifies systemic violations.

If you wish to share feedback about the servicing standards but it is not client-specific, please use your own information to fill out the fields with the heading “Your client/constituent’s information.” Then you can include your feedback/thoughts in the comment box at the end of the form.

Please note that the Monitor is not tasked to intervene with the servicer on behalf of your individual client or constituent. The NMS charged the Monitor with ensuring that the servicers comply with the agreement; it did not task the Monitor with resolving individual complaints. That said, the Monitor can forward your client’s complaint to the servicer for its review.